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You need a rough draft of your subject line to start. Write this in Predict and click "Get Prediction" to make a prediction

Not sure what to write? Here are two, quick tips:

  • Grab a phrase you like from the Emotions Brief.
  • Predict from an existing subject line in your dataset.

Once you generate your prediction, you can start improving your subject line.

1. Swap emotional phrases.

You'll notice that each time you generate a prediction, Predict detects, underlines, and labels emotion in your subject line.

Click on any underlined phrase to open up alternative phrases of the same emotion.

In the example below, "Don't miss" is guilt. I clicked on the phrase, which gave me a drop-down menu of alternative guilt phrases. I chose, "do not miss the boat" and generated a new prediction.

You'll notice this phrase actually made the prediction worse. That happens! Either try again with a different phrase, or try the next strategy: use suggestions.

2. Use suggestions from Predict

For each subject line prediction, Predict suggests you try specific words and phrases. These suggestions are based on top emotions, words, and phrases for the industry  and dataset selected.

Try omitting one or two phrases from your subject line and replacing them with a suggestion. In this example, we swapped a guilt phrase with "you surely deserve this!" and replaced "check out" with "you scored".

Looks like that did the trick! Using data-driven suggestions from Predict improved my subject line for my dataset.

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