The purpose of predict is to give marketers the ability to "predict" and improve the performance of any subject line using data and AI-algorithms. Sounds fancy, right? Don't worry, we'll break it down for you.

How does Persado Predict work?

It starts with writing a subject line in the Predict tool and clicking "Get Prediction".

This is where the "automagic" happens.Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm scans your subject line, identifies emotional language, then utilizes industry data and your audience data—such as emotions and key words or phrases—to estimate how your subject line is likely to perform.

Then, you can use suggestions to improve your prediction. These suggestions are based on

  • Top performing words and phrases, and
  • Top performing emotions 

 for the industry and dataset selected. Nifty, right?

Where is the data from?

Industry Data

With over 10 years of helping companies all over the world test subject lines, we have a library (the Persado Marketing Language Cloud) of thousands of different phrases tagged as different emotions. After completing 1,000s of tests, we've accumulated a ton of industry-specific data. Examples of industry insights include,

Your Data

If you upload data into the tool, Predict scans your subject lines, tags emotions, and finds frequently used phrases. Persado can then identify which emotions and words resonate the best--and which ones don't hit the mark.

Each time you make a prediction using one of your datasets, Persado leverages these insights to give you a rough estimate. Persado also provides suggestions based on what has worked historically. 

You can use these suggestions to keep predicting until you hone the subject line into one which fits your brand voice and is likely to perform well.

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