When you Predict a subject line, what if the performance is negative and you'd like to try different emotions other than those in your subject line?

There are two main ways to do this: 

  1. Use the suggested phrases under your prediction
  2. Find phrases in your dataset, or
  3. Reach out about our content generation AI tool.

Let's dive in!

Use suggestions within your Prediction

Each time you make a prediction, we'll give language suggestions based on what has worked previously for the industry and the dataset you selected.

Use previously tested phrases in your dataset

Navigate to "Data and Analytics" and select the dataset of interest.

On the first page, you'll find your "Emotional Insights" graph. 

This graph tells you how frequently you use each emotion and how effectively they impact open rates. Emotions are ranked from top performing to least performing along the x-axis. 

In this example, Encouragement, Gratitude, and Intimacy perform well for this audience. If you click on a bubble--like "Encouragement", this will open up a table below of all your subject lines containing encouragement.

I inserted "Enjoy" into my subject line and generated a fresh prediction:

Now I have a new subject line with different emotions and a positive prediction.

Need more?

Predict is a great tool for looking back at historical data and getting some quick suggestions. If you are looking to diversity your content, test at scale, and learn from your tests each time, then perhaps our Pro Email platform is a better fit.

Feel free to reach out to prosupport@persado.com with questions. We're always happy to help! 

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