Manually uploading data can be a huge pain, which is why integrations are key to making your life easier!

By setting up an integration with Bronto, you can quickly and automatically import data from a set time period into Predict. There's no limit to the number of datasets you can upload--so go crazy! Once there's data in the tool, you can

  1. Predict subject lines against your data (whoa!), and
  2. Gain insights into your audience.

The following chapters describe all the steps you need to take in order to upload your campaign history from Bronto to Persado Predict.


A Quick Overview

In order to be able to upload your campaign history from Bronto to Persado Predict you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Access your API Token
  2. Create your Connection in Persado Predict
  3. Upload your campaign history to Persado Predict

Let's dive in step by step!

1. Create and Access your API Token in Bronto

To access your API Token, log into Bronto and navigate to “Settings” under the “Home” button.


Next, click on “Data Exchange”.


On the resulting page, press on “Add Access Token” to generate your Token, if you have not created one in the past already.

Name your Token, request only “Read” permissions, ensure the token is active, and save it.

 Your API Token is immediately available. Copy your Token after you make sure that it is activated.

2. Create your Connection into Persado Predict

To establish your Connection in Predict, log into your Predict account and click on “Settings” from the menu button.

Then, press “Add Bronto Connection”.

On the following window, paste the API Token you obtained from Bronto, name your Connection and press “Add Connection”.

You can now see the connection you added on the Settings page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unable to add your connection token, this may be due to your security restrictions. If this is the case, you will need to whitelist specific IP addresses.

3. Import your campaign history into Persado Predict

Then, navigate to “Upload Data Set” from the Predict dashboard and click on “I Want to Import from My ESP”.


On the window that emerged below, select your connection.


Next, select the Date Range of your campaign history that you want to import and press “Next: Upload”.


Name your Data Set and select the industry of your data. By default, the name of your Data Set will be accompanied with a Suffix of your import dates. Press “Upload Data Set” to proceed with the upload.


You have now uploaded you campaign history to Persado Predict.


NOTE: Our current integration imports scheduled messages that you have deleted as well. 


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