Uploading data into Predict is easy. We just need a dataset of subject lines and response metrics: total delivered, total unique opens, and total unique clicks for each subject line. Once there's data in the tool, you can

  1. Predict subject lines against your data (whoa!), and
  2. Gain insights into your audience.

There's no limit to the number of datasets you can upload--so go crazy! 

The following chapters describe all the steps you need to take in order to upload your campaign history from Oracle Responsys to Persado Predict.

A Quick Overview

In order to be able to upload your campaign history from Responsys to Persado Predict you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download your campaign history from Responsys
  2. Upload your data to Persado Predict

Let's dive in step-by-step!

1. Download your campaign history from Oracle Responsys

To download your campaign history from Responsys follow the steps below: 

Log in to your account and navigate to “Insight” -> “Interactive Dashboards” from the main menu:


On the following window expand the “Performance” dropdown:


Click on “Campaign Performance”:


Then, select the empty field in “Sent date range”:


Set the start and end dates for your report by picking the appropriate dates:


NOTE: You can also use the “Sent Date Range” dropdown, but it is possible this will not give you access to some of your data. For example, if you select the “Last 3 months” option, you will not get the results for the current month, if the month hasn’t finished.


Next, right click on “Campaign” and press “Drill”:


The subject lines of your campaigns will reveal:


Then, by right clicking on a header, you can insert new metrics in your report through “Include Column”:


Add the following columns in your report, if they are not already visible: “Sent”, “Delivered”, “Opens”, “Clicks”, “Open Rate”, “Click-Through Rate”, “Conversions” and “Revenue”.


Then, press “Export” and select “CSV Format”:


The CSV file is now downloaded to your system.


NOTE: Please make sure that your import has between 20 and 20 thousand subject lines. To do that, open your file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, click on a random cell and press Ctrl+Shift+Down (or Cmd+Shift+Down for Mac users) to navigate to the last row of your data. If your file has more than 20 thousand lines, remove the unwanted lines and save your file in a CSV format.


2. Upload your data to Persado Predict

To upload your campaign history, log in to your Persado Predict account and click on “Upload Data Set” on your dashboard:


Next, press “I Have a File to Upload”:


On the page that emerges select “Browse My Files” or drag and drop your file in the page:


Then, map your file by choosing the headers described below:


Match the Persado Predict fields with the following columns of your spreadsheet and press “Looks Good!”. Please note that the Mandatory fields are required:


Finally, name your data set, select the industry of your results and press “Upload Data Set”:


Your campaign history has now been imported to Persado Predict.

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